Day 2

So only about 10 months to make it to day 2. Not bad, right? I couldn’t have imagined how crazy life would get or could be. We got a new puppy, Oliver. Max our Toy Fox Terrier passed away. Both of our children had car accidents. Had to replace one car, totalled after only 1 payment made. Lets see what else last week, hot water tank blew and basement door broke. Silver lining my husband took a week of work to repair and we had some much needed time together. I am working partially from home due to the stay at home order. Our new puppy, Pollie made it here early due to no shipping via airplane, she had to come ground. So yeah lots has happened in the last 10 months. My marriage is still the best thing in my life. My sister bought a new house, my parents are at their summer place near here, school is good, still employed, and loving the life God has so blessed me with.

Oliver and baby Pollie

This is me

Well I guess this a blog, here we go, hang on.

Me right now is a very fluid concept. At 34 years old I am trying to figure out just exactly who that is:



Career woman?

Step Mother?





Doggy mommy?

Grocery getter?

Race car driver?

Am I none of those things, all off things, any of those things, could be maybe…

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